I'm a mom who works out – Karens give me looks when I wear a tiny bikini to the beach but I have the perfect response | The Sun

A HOT mom has revealed how she deals with people who make snarky comments about her outfit choices.

Shelby Rose Doyle is the wife of Major League Baseball star Brenton Doyle, who plays center field for the Colorado Rockies.

The couple has a two-year-old together.

But this means people sometimes give Shelby grief about wearing a bikini when the child is around.

However, the mom refuses to be held down by haters and gave the perfect response in a recent TikTok.

"When Karen at the pool says, 'You're a mom, you shouldn't be wearing a bikini like that,'" the TikToker, who can be found at @shelbyrosedoyle, wrote over the short five-second clip.

In the shot, Shelby can be seen lounging about in a little black bikini and a pair of oversized sunglasses while the song "Not So Bad" by Ilkay Sencan and Yves V plays in the background.

But as the song's violin solo began, Shelby's behavior shifted.

She started rubbing her fingers together to represent the so-called world's tiniest violin, an expression people use to dismiss claims they find silly or unfounded.

"Confidence and hard work sis," Shelby said in the video's description.

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The mother got lots of support in the comments below her video.

"Moms can wear whatever they want," one TikTok user said.

"Did someone really say that?? Sounds like jealousy," another added.

"They're just mad they don't look that good after having kids," a different commenter said.

"As a fellow mom, if I had your bod I might be in an even smaller bikini," said another.

It comes after another lady shared a bunch of tiny bikinis that she wears despite having a naturally larger chest.

And this redhead found some smaller suits that still managed to give great support.

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