I'm a fashion pro – my necklace trick helps big busts look smaller and it’s so easy to do | The Sun

ADDING jewellery can help elevate any look, but it can also help make your bust look smaller.

This fashion pro explained how to make it work for you.

Christie Ressel recently shared a clip explaining the clever hack to help minimise the look of a big bust, especially if you love a high neckline.

According to the fashionista, adding a long necklace to any look will help break up the look of big boobs, helping you appear more in proportion.

It's no secret that high necklines can look unflattering on bigger busts, since they only make everything look larger than it already is, but there is a way around it.

She explained: "Having a larger bust means thatyour chest depth is longer than someone who has a small bust.

"You want to create the illusion of a lower neckline to help minimise the chest depth, grab a longer necklace and make sure that the pendant or the end of the chain come past the fullness of the bust.

"Doing this will create an alternative neckline for the eye, thus not making your chest feel so full when you're wearing a higher neckline."

In a previous video Christie also said that wearing long necklace can also help knock off a few pounds in general.

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She added: "If you have any kind of definition closer to the small of your waist, that's usually an area you want to highlight.

It doesn't have to be a fancy necklace either, "a basic chain will do the trick," the pro quipped.

"You want to make sure they fall past your bust," Christie explained.

Viewers of the clip loved the advice, one said: "This is great! Going to pull out all my long necklaces because I so hate how blimpy my top look with high neckline but I love the style of them."

A second wrote: "Most of my necklaces are long for this very reason, I also have broad shoulders.

"Any vertical line is a good thing!"

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