I’m a dog trainer and you should never give your pet ice cubes or icy treats to cool them down if they have heatstroke | The Sun

A PRO dog trainer has warned people not to give their furry friends icy treats or ice cubes if they’re suffering a heatstroke. 

Adam Spivey, the director of Southend Dog Training, took to his social media account to share his knowledge in a bid to prevent any issues that may occur during the September heatwave. 

Dressed in a white T-shirt while standing outside in the blistering heat, he explained: “Ice cubes, ice lollies, ice treats, freezing water…

“It’s all incredibly dangerous for your dog IF your dog has heatstroke.” 

He went on: “Other than that, on a nice warm day like this, there’s no harm in putting a couple of ice cubes in your dog’s water bowl.

“There’s no harm in making some frozen treats for your dog.”

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Adam, is often on the TikTok account @southenddogtraining1, went on to warn people to stop listening to the “scaremongering that goes around”. 

He added that you should never take your dog out on a walk while it’s “really hot out” as it’s an easy way for them to get heatstroke. 

“So dangerous??” he added in the caption of the clip. 

People flocked to the comments section to share their thoughts as one person wrote: “Thank you my dog likes a ice cube in this heat x.” 

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Another shared: “I've been feeding my dog ice cubes after his dinner every night for years, he loves ice cubes”.

“We stopped the ice cubes because of the scaremongers. Thanks for reassuring us,” a third posted. 

While a fourth added: “couldn't agree more, the amount of people walking their dogs in peak sun is ridiculous”. 

According to the Kennel Club, you should walk your dog during the early morning or evening to avoid the midday sun. 

They also recommend carrying water and something they can drink from and know the signs of heatstroke, too, as it can be dangerous. 

Signs include heavy panting, breathing problems, dribbling, confusion, being sick, not walking in a straight line, collapsing and more. 

And if you suspect your dog is suffering from heatstroke, you should immediately call the vet for advice. 

Meanwhile, they also say that dogs who are cooled down too quickly during a heatstroke can go into shock. 

If you have “something to else to cool them down with (e.g., water), then we wouldn’t recommend using ice”. 

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