I’m a doctor – here’s how often you should REALLY wash your bedding, & you’re not going to like it if you hate laundry | The Sun

NOTHING beats the feeling of slipping into a bed with fresh sheets – but actually changing them is another story.

The hassle of stripping everything off then washing and drying it all might mean you wait a little too long to change your bedding.

According to Doctor Jason Singh, there is a correct amount of time you should go before changing your bedding – and it's bad news if you hate laundry.

The medic took to Instagram to explain why anything less than once a week is pretty gross.

"Studies show you need to wash your bedsheets at least once a week.

"I know it seems like it's a lot of work, but trust me it's worth it unless you want to marinate in a petri dish full of grossness."


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The doctor explained that people shed dead skin cells and produce body oil as they sleep, which provides food for mites.

These microscopic bugs live in your dirty bedding, the doctor said.

"Dust mites can trigger allergic reactions to and asthma for several people.

"Fungal organisms are like yeast and mould and can also grow in your bed sheets, especially if they are damp from sweat.

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"This creates an environment that can lead to skin infections and smells that will have you gagging like it's your first beer pong tournament."

You're not alone if you don't wash yours weekly though, in fact 91 percent of people change their sheets every other week, according to a 2012 poll by the National Sleep Foundation.

Just because it's more common to change them every two weeks, the experts still suggest one per week for optimal cleanliness.

Wash your bed sheets more often if

  • You eat in bed
  • You sweat a lot
  • Your pets sleep on your bed
  • You shower in the morning rather than at night
  • You have allergies
  • You have asthma
  • You sleep naked

The doctor's revelation left some people shocked, and many admitted they don't wash their bedding that often.

One commented on the clip: "I was mine one a month but definitely need to start doing it more."

A second wrote: "I change them twice a week! There's nothing like fresh sheets to sleep on."

"Once a week in summer and every two weeks when it's colder for me," another said.

Meanwhile, someone else noted that they keep theirs fresh with a savvy trick.

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"I read several years ago that you SHOULD NOT make your bed right after you get up.

"Pull back all bedding to let air out/sweat dry. Then make it after about one hour."

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