I’m a cleaning fan and I swear by an Aldi 80p buy to blitz my air fryer – it's better than Fairy and gets it 'perfect' | The Sun

IF you have an air fryer and struggle to get it clean after cooking in it, you’ll want to listen up and take notes.

One cleaning fan has sworn by an 80p Aldi buy to get his kitchen appliance clean and you’ll be pleased to know, there’s barely any scrubbing involved. 

And not only is this a cheap, quick and easy hack, but it gets your air fryer looking ‘perfect’ every time too.

As well as this, the cleaning whizz, Ian Graham Jury, claimed that it’s better than using Fairy washing-up liquid.

Ian proudly took to Facebook to show off his cleaning hack, leaving many very impressed. 

Posting in the Facebook group, Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group, which has 2.2million members, bargain hunter Ian shared a picture of his cheap buy. 

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He said: “Not a bargain but a supermarket own brand good deal. 

“I have been using Aldi's own brand washing-up liquid for ages now, it’s about 80p a bottle. 

“I have been seeing the posts for Fairy washing-up liquid at silly money a bottle – I personally think Aldi’s bottle is as good if not better than Fairy. 

“Baked on food from the air fryer and it cleans it perfectly every time.

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“So if you want to save money, change to Aldi’s liquid.

"I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.” 

According to Ian, instead of using Fairy liquid to get your cooking appliance sparkling, you should use the Aldi Magnum washing-up liquid.

Ian’s post has clearly impressed many, as it was shared just 22 hours ago, but it has quickly amassed 1,400 likes and 573 comments. 

Many social media users flocked to the comments and agreed with Ian, confessing that they too prefer Aldi’s washing-up liquid to Fairy. 

One person said: “I prefer this brand too, love the Apple one.” 

Another added: “I adore this. Love the scent. Not bought Fairy in 18 months and my bottles last me ages. Don’t see the point in Fairy anymore.”

A third commented: “I’ve been using Magnum for years, just as good as Fairy if not better.” 

Another Facebook user chimed in: “Brilliant washing up liquid, use very little, lasts for ages and cleans well.” 

Whilst someone else noted: “I get the green one, only one I've found that matches up to Fairy (and across all brands I find the dark green best).” 

If you want to give this tip a try, a 600ml of Magnum washing-up liquid will cost you just 60p.

As opposed to £3 for a 520ml bottle of Fairy from Asda, this Aldi buy will save you an impressive £2.40.

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