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EVER curl your lashes but find they're back to being straight within hours?

Well one beauty whizz has found the perfect solution – and it's already in your makeup bag.

Rose Siard shared the clever trick on Instagram and other beauty fans were so amazed they had to try it out for themselves.

Erin Dugan Jurchak decided to put the method to the test and shared her thoughts on how well it really works.

All you need is your usual mascara, lash curler and loose translucent powder.

Before anything else, take a small, fluffy eyeshadow brush and lightly tap some loose powder onto your lashes.


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Then it's time to go in with your eyelash curler – Erin made sure she kept her lashes clamped in the curler for at least 20 seconds on each side.

After you've curler the first side you can apply your first coat of mascara – it doesn't matter which one you use, so stick to one you know and love.

Let the mascara dry before going in with a second coat, but this time focus on applying it to just the ends of your lashes.

At this point you can use a lash comb to get rid of any clumps if needed, but this might not be necessary for you.

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Then you should pick up some more powder with the same brush and dab it directly onto your lash curler, making sure you cover the top and bottom.

"Now we curl it again," Erin explained, "supposedly the powder just makes it so the lashes don't stick to the curler but also sets the whole lash."

After curling her lashes for the second time the beauty couldn't believe what a different it made.

"And that's only one coat of mascara, could you imagine if you did two or three? Rose, you're a genius," she raved.

Erin's lashes looked loads longer than when she first curled them, andshe did it all with products she already had.

Other beauty fans were impressed with the hack too and couldn't wait to try it out.

One said: "I'm trying this! I don't have full lashes."

"I've been using this for years, honestly looks like falsies," a second raved.

But others weren't sure the hack was so great and warned it could pull out lashes if you're not careful.

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"Use with caution because curling eyelashes w product can cause them to break off," one commented.

Another added: "This method looks good but beware – too much loose powder can impact and clog your eyelash glands resulting in blocked oil/build up in the form of chalazion cysts. Which are painful and ugly looking, plus usually require treatment."

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