I'm a baby expert… if your little one has stubborn gas, try holding them in THIS position to get it out

DEALING with stubborn gas is both frustrating and painful – regardless of your age.

But for babies, parents can offer some relief, by holding their little ones in a certain position.

Baby expert Chrissy Lawler took to her TikTok page to reveal her "very favourite trick" to deal with gassy babies.

"When you’re hanging out or carrying them around, hold them under their legs facing away from you," she wrote in a caption in the video.

"It puts subtle pressure on their bellies and opens up their little booty to let toots out."

As she demonstrated the position on one of her four daughters, Chrissy added: "It works for tiny babies, it works for older babies… and you can still have a hand free."

While the position is baby sleep consultant and therapist Chrissy's favoured way of dealing with gas, she also offered up some other suggestions in another video on her social media pages.

Baby massage is always a good way to deal with gassy tots, and Chrissy advisesmassaging the belly.

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"Grab some lotion and rub gentle yet firm circles around your baby’s belly in a clockwise motion," she wrote on Instagram.

If that doesn't help, then more movement might be needed.

You can try bicycle kicks – where the legs are bent at the knee and brought into the chest and away from the chest – and windshield wipers, where the legs are bent at the knee and rotated gently from side to side like the wipers on a car.

For her last tip, Chrissy advised making sure that the baby's latch is correct.

This is true for either breast or bottle fed babies – if the latch isn't right then it may be that excess air is getting into their system while they're feeding.

Concluding her post, Chrissy added: "If you feel like you've tried everything and still struggle with some tummy discomfort, the gas could be caused by something else like reflux, tongue ties, and an incorrect latch.

"When in doubt, check in with your paediatrician."

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