‘I’m 76 and have aged gracefully thanks to my simple skincare routine’

A fresh-faced woman in her seventies has amazed the internet with her incredible skin and has explained she only uses three “simple” products to keep her glowing skin.

Candace Leslie Bryant is a 76-year-old fashion and beauty blogger who is trying to “redefine ageing” by showing her amazing lifestyle on her TikTok account @lifeinmy70s.

Her fans have begged Candance to share her skincare routine after many people thought she looked much younger. In Candance’s comment section, one user wrote: “I hope I can be as graceful and stylish as you at 76” while another person commented: “Wow you look amazing! You look like you could be in your [50s].”

Candance has explained in one video, and said she likes to follow a simple routine in order to keep “ageing gracefully.” She said: “Trying to get to answering all the questions that I get from so many of you, and one of the ones that keeps coming up all the time is what’s my skincare routine.

“Really, it’s so simple, I really hate to even call it a routine, but I thought maybe I would show you some of the products that I use, and maybe some of them would be of interest to you.”

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Night Routine 

Candance explained she has a separate routine for washing her face in the morning and then in the evening, but has night routine only requires two beauty products.

She said: “At night, when I’m taking off my makeup I just use a simple Dove bar soap. I use the one for sensitive skin. They do have one that has a little bit of exfoliating it it which I may try, but I’ve used this one probably for…about 15 years at least.”

Candance then said she uses the Augutinus Bader moistiser cream, which claims to be able to “dramatically improve skin’s appearance” by keeping skin hydrated and supporting cellular renewal.

She said: “It is kind of pricey and there are other good creams that you can use, but this just happens to be the one I really like.

“It does seem to work for me…for me, I did see a difference. What it does is evens out splotchy red spots. I don’t think it’s gonna take away your wrinkles but it does even out your skin, moisturises your skin and just makes your overall skin look better.”

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@lifeinmy70s I love answering all your questions, feel free to ask me them below! #womenover70 #aginggracefully #skincareforolderwomen #skincareforolderskin ♬ Sunshine – WIRA

Morning Routine

In the morning, Candance recommended only one beauty product which is the Chanel UV Essential Sunscreen, which claims to protect skin from “UV rays, pollution and oxidation, all at once.”

Candance said: “I use the Chanel sunscreen…its SPF 50. I’ve been using this for 10 to 15 years. It is a really good one because it does look good underneath your makeup. It comes up milky…but if you warm it up and smooth it into your skin, it does not show under your makeup.”

Chanel sunscreen is said to leave skin “looking radiant” by boosting the skin’s natural defences and “prevent premature photoaging” while still being a comfortable product.

In Candance’s video comment section, people thanked her for the skincare advice while also praising her youthful appearance.

One user wrote: “You look great” while another person said: “Whatever you use is working!”

Someone else commented: “I‘m telling all my friends, that sunscreen is the key for good skin and you‘re the proof! You look amazing!”

Another commentator asked Candance if she had had any work done. Candance replied: “No and I never will. I want to look in the mirror and see me as I age. Not some artificial version of me.”

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