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WHILE you may think you have a knack for DIY repairs – a house maintenance expert has revealed there are some jobs you need to leave to the professionals.

In fact, some DIY jobs are so dangerous it could end up causing an accident resulting in A&E.

NHS England treated 8,000 patients with injuries resulting from DIY in 2020-21, say home maintenance experts Help Me Fix.

And there are eight jobs in particular that you need to steer clear of, even if you do want to save yourself a pretty penny not getting professionals in.

The first one is stripping old paint work, even if it seems like an easy task.

That's because some of the chemicals released can be dangerous, as paint hat date from the 1970s or before could contain lead, reports the Express.


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Wiring a socket may seem simple but electrical tasks can be dangerous and could result in electrocutions.

The only thing you should be doing with electrics in your home is changing a lightbulb.

Sanding down wood may seem like a simple enough job to do yourself but can result in breathing difficulties.

Wood dust can contain high levels of silica/crystalline silica which can cause breathing difficulties and even result in lung disease.

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Trying to fix your roof is just asking for trouble as many have ended up falling off their ladder and suffering broken bones.

Open-plan homes may be all the range but knocking down interior walls on your own could damage the structure of your home.

It's always best to seek professional advice to ensure you can actually remove the wall without your house collapsing in on itself.

We all know that gas can be dangerous – so never attempt to do any jobs with or close to the home’s gas supply.

You should always get a trained, certified professional to complete the work.

While floor fitting may seem like a straight forward task to undertake it actually requires a lot of skill.

Professionals will know exactly what shapes to cut and ensure there are no lumps or uneven edges.

Plus the power tools needed can often cause accidents.

Finally, cutting down trees in your garden often needs dangerous tools as well as climbing dangerous heights.

The experts say the risk of injury is far too high to justify not finding a tree surgeon.

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They added: "“We’re not telling people to avoid all DIY projects in the home. Putting up shelves, painting walls, hanging pictures and so on – that’s no problem.

“But if you’re scaling tall ladders, using powerful tools that you’ve never used before, or dealing with materials or substances that can cause harm, you need to be incredibly cautious."

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