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YOU know it’s nearly time for Christmas when your favourite food stores and restaurants release their festive menu.

And Costa is no different as they’ve recently launched their Christmas range, including everything from sandwiches to cakes. 

But what are the must-try items, and which should be kept on the shelf? 

One food-fluencer decided to let you know, as they tried the lot and ranked them from best to worst.

Becca, who runs a TikTok account under the name @beccaeatseverything, laid all of the Costa treats out and taste tested them, before delivering her verdict.

In last place, the 26-year-old vlogger put a duo pack of pork pies, describing them as an “interesting addition.”

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She went on to award them a 3 out of 10, as she said: “However, they were so incredibly tasteless, it’s a real shame.” 

Similarly the pulled pork and bramley apple sausage rolls were disappointing for Becca, who branded them “a complete letdown” as they didn’t have the seasoning she’d hoped for. 

Becca said they were just a 3.5 out of 10, before she moved onto the Christmas tree shaped shortbread, which she said was a solid 4 and like “eating icing flavoured cardboard.” 

The foodie then moved onto another sweet selection – a Christmas cake slice.

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Her verdict? She said: “There were layers of icing, marzipan, fruit in amongst the moist cake.

“It was alright but it lacked a bit of spice and was a bit overly sweet – 5 out of 10.” 

She continued with the trillionaire slice, which failed to hit the mark as “the elements were too sweet and the shortbread was a tad dry.” 

Becca used this as her middle of the road benchmark, scoring it a 5 out of 10. 

The TikToker then got onto the products that everyone should be looking to bite into over the next few weeks.

In the first of the hot food offerings, she picked out the brie and cranberry toastie. 

Becca said it was nice, but needed a little more cranberry, which is why she scored it 7.5 out of 10.

She then continued: “In at a slightly better score we have the pigs in blankets toastie.

“I absolutely love that cheese and stuffing top – that was a lovely addition.

“The contents, however, were quite bland, therefore it gets a 7.5 out of 10.” 

Next, Becca tucked into the Christmas wreath that’s filled with chocolate crispies and covered in white chocolate.

She dubbed it a “nice treat” and said the flavours “balanced themselves out”, which led to it being given an 8 out of 10.

Becca then awarded the exact same score to a piece of chocolate ganache cake. 

She then started to edge closer to her top picks, starting out with the brie and bacon panini, which she said was “miles better than the [brie] toastie.”

She continued: “The bread is delicious and it just helped to elevate it that much further – 8.5 out of ten.” 

A cake that hit the sweet spot with another 8.5 was the Terry’s Chocolate Orange muffin.

But there were four big winners in her food haul, which got 9 or upwards. 


Up first, she selected the Turkey trimming toastie as her “favourite toastie of the three”. 

She added: “It was packed full of flavoursome turkey, amongst bacon and stuffing. I really enjoyed this – 9 out of 10.” 

She continued: “Effectively a cold version of the latter, the turkey feast sandwich was equally as excellent.

“I highly recommend this – 9 out of 10.” 

Becca went on to say: “In as my second favourite, it’s the ham and wensleydale ciabatta – the ham is of high quality and the wensleydale a slight elevation from its brie options.

“The bread also has little pieces of cranberries – 9.5 out of ten.” 

And then it was time for the final food item – and Becca’s top option, which was none other than a slab of toffee flavoured cake.

She concluded to her 111k followers: “The one that really takes the biscuit, or cake in this instance, is the sticky toffee slice.

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“It’s honestly heavenly – a foodgasm. Rich toffee amongst the sticky spongy cake – 10 out of 10.”

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