I save £3,500 a MONTH on my second-hand designer wardrobe – here's how you can too

BURBERRY, Louis Vuitton and Chloe are just some of the designer brands which make up Iso Neville's envy-inducing wardrobe – so naturally, you'd assume the 24-year-old will have spent thousands on her clothes.

But since giving up fast fashion in 2019, Iso – who works in social media – has slowly been upgrading her wardrobe with second-hand designer pieces from charity shops.

And on average, she saves up to £3,500 each month in comparison to what it costs new.

Iso explained: "I have always loved fashion and I have always been a huge fan of designer items.

"However they're just not affordable to buy them from new.

"Since I have started shopping second hand, designer items have become so much more accessible to me."


For instance, one of her best recent buys was a pair of £1,421 Chloe boots which she found online for £91 – and they still had the tags on.

She continued :"I made a saving of £1330 on these boots, I was so happy.

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"Some of my other top second-hand buys was Louis Vuitton handbag that retails for £1250 and I got it for £321 which is another huge saving.

"I have also bought a second hand Burberry trench coat for £150 and a vintage Burberry handbag for just £20."

So how does she do it? Well, Iso hits her favourite charity shops every weekend and always checks the designer section.

And when she doesn't have time to hunt around in person, Iso also scours second-hand websites for goodies.

Iso’s monthly saving breakdown:

Chloe boots – Bought for: £91, RRP: £1421

Ganni bag – Bought for: £55, RRP: £155

Louis Vuitton Noé bag – Bought for: £321, RRP: £1,250

Burberry trench coat – Bought for: £150, RRP: £1,390

Total: £3599

She continued: "I get such a rush when I find these pieces, it's such a good feeling and it's guilt-free.

"Most charity shops have a designer section so I always tend to gravitate towards that area to see what bargains I can find.

"I check online charity sites every day to make sure I don't miss anything amazing, I also have alerts set up for my favourite brands.

"And during the weekends I love to go and browse different charity shops around London."

In January 2019, Iso set herself the New Years Resolution to start exclusively shopping second hand and her wardrobe is now made up of 75 per cent charity shop finds.

She added: "There are enough garments in the world to clothe the next six generations so it just makes sense to me to use what is already in circulation because I can keep getting my hands on so many amazing items without having to buy from new.

"It can be challenging but it has taught me to no longer be so specific when looking for clothes and I have learnt more about my general style."

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