I have one-year-old but make cash selling sexy pics with fiance- people may judge but it’ll set my family up for life

HOW did you spend lockdown? Maybe you took up a new hobby or made it a priority to go for a walk everyday… or if you're anything like us, you watched everything on Netflix (twice).

Well for Maria Smirnova and her partner Matty Gilbert, the past year made them think of new ways they could make money for their family – namely, selling sexy pictures online.

Speaking to Sunday World, the Irish couple, both 29, explained how they joined OnlyFans after Matty went viral on TikTok.

However, Maria – who is mum to one-year-old Sebastian – insists that it's only a "short-term thing".

Talking through the requests they get from their 20,000 subscribers, the mum said: "There are times we are asked to do role play.I was asked to dress up as a maid – filming stuff like that together is very funny.

"We definitely have boundaries. A lot of girls do put up full nudes but I don’t."

So does their line of work cause issues in their relationship? Maria says you have to total faith in your partner as it isn't a "one player game".

She continued: "There is zero jealousy, neither of us is jealous because we are very comfortable in our relationship and we trust each other 100 per cent."

Ultimately, Maria says their shared income has brought them closer as a couple and they have a mutual respect for each other's work.

People are very close-minded and they can judge you quite easily.

What's more, the couple said they're saving hard before they quit OnlyFans entirely to focus on something else – as the money they're currently making will "set them up for life".

With the money they make from OnlyFans, the parents are hoping to move house and even open their own gym.

Meanwhile, Maria one day dreams of launching her own line of workout clothes.

Although they haven't had to deal with negative comments upfront, Maria is sure their livelihood raises eyebrows.

She continued: "People are very close-minded and they can judge you quite easily.

"People can have the mentality of I wouldn’t do it, so you shouldn’t do it. We aren’t the only Irish couple on OnlyFans."

Unsurprisingly, Maria's screen time has sky-rocketed since she quit her job in a hospital and she now spends up to 12 hours a day on her phone.

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