I got bargains from Weetos to Milky Bars for under £20 from a little-known supermarket – it’s a must for hard-up parents | The Sun

WE'VE all heard of Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury's and Morrisons.

But there's another supermarket causing a stir, with one mum explaining that she managed to pick up an entire week's shop for less than £20.

Rachel took to TikTok to document her trip to The Company Shop in Peterborough as she began: "We are on a budget today, genuinely – I don't want to spend more than about £20.

"Let's see what we can get."

Right next to the entrance was a huge box of Weetos for just £2.50, with Rachel putting one straight in her trolley.

And as well as bargain prices, The Company Shop also offers loads of freebies.

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In fact, Rachel managed to get a pack of farmer's sausage, a scotch egg and a pack of stir fry veg – all for absolutely nothing.

The bargains kept on coming with packs of Milkybar Gold desserts for just 10p.

Rachel then moved along to the meat section, nabbing a pack of chicken straws for snacking for 39p, as well as three packs of chicken breasts at 79p each and a pack of chicken drumsticks for 39p.

There was also a lot for 19p – mashed potato, a giant pack of soba noodles and mozzarella.

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And Lurpak spread – famously among the most expensive of its kind – was just £1.80.

"What a bargain!" Rachel exclaimed.

"I never buy anything particular here, I just sort of see what takes my fancy but there's SO much," she grinned.

"I love this shop!"

She concluded her haul with a pack of oven chips – originally from Waitrose – for £1, a pack of teacakes for 40p, a huge bag of frozen chicken burgers, and two packs of rolls.

As she was heading to the tills, she also grabbed a pack of Kit Kats for just 75p and some ketchup flavoured crisps for 80p.

Rachel said she'd got enough to feed her family for the next three nights – as well as covering their snacking needs.

And she showed her receipt at the end of the video, proving that she came in under budget at just £18.21 for the entire trolley.

"Right you’ve opened my eyes so signing up today and paying a visit," one person commented on Rachel's video.

To which she replied: "Yes! It’s so helpful! I freeze a lot I buy but it’s a game changer and helps me feed my kids."

Nothing that cheap when I went," another sighed.

With Rachel responding: "I just get lucky. I have no idea what they have it’s just pure chance what they have."

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The Company Store has 14 locations around the UK, see if there's one near you here.

You can also use the website to check if you qualify for a free membership.

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