I bought a Kim Kardashian Skims top – it’s my new favorite but my husband pointed out a troubling detail | The Sun

KIM Kardashian's fans might be a little surprised when they unbox their newly-purchased Skims products.

One Skims customer seems to be totally happy with her purchase, but her husband isn’t exactly on the same page.

Aaliyah Tanza posted a hilarious video of her husband holding up her Skims crop top in front of the camera.

He steps through the doorway asking: “In what world is this your shirt? Like, this fits [our daughter]!"

There’s no denying the fact that the tiny crop top he’s holding looks like it might be better suited for a baby or small child.

Aaliyah laughs it off and uploaded a second video trying it on as a response.

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In the second clip, she pulls the tiny crop top onto her body to prove that it actually fits her comfortably.

“It’s not that small — and it’s Skims so it’s stretchy!" she explains.

After pulling the top on, she shows her viewers how snugly it fits over her chest and shoulders.

Aaliyah says: “It’s literally my favorite top ever. Skims, sponsor your girl. Please."

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The actual T-shirt in question is the Fits Everybody Super Cropped T-Shirt in the color oxide.

Aaliyah purchased hers in a size XXS, and on Skim’s website, it’s listed for $42.

Tons of people in Aaliyah's comment section are totally amused by her videos.

One person wrote: “There’s no way that’s the same shirt! What in the matrix hell?!"

“As a guy saying this, I am extremely impressed," someone else added.

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A third person left a compliment saying: “You could model for Skims easily. You are gorgeous."

Someone making a SpongeBob SquarePants reference wrote: "This literally looks like Squidward's shirt!"

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