How to get the kids ready for schools reopening after lockdown – The Sun

AFTER months, schools are finally starting to reopen.

But primary could look like a very different place compared with how it was before lockdown started in March, and many kids will be nervous about going back.

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There will be smaller classes and youngsters will be asked to sit further apart, stick to social-distancing rules and small groups at playtime.

After so long away, both you and your child could be worried about going back. More than two months is a long time to a young child.

It will also feel very different to starting a new term or returning after the school holidays. Those are defined periods, with clear beginnings and endings.

In school holidays parents can plan activities and socialise. This was sudden, and children at home were isolated from their peers.

If your child has mixed feelings, make it clear that worrying is natural, and may help to keep them safe by reminding them to stick to the new rules.

Most of all, remember that kids take their cues from you.

If you are positive and relaxed about them going back, they are more likely to be too. And it will help to keep things in perspective.

If you are concerned about your child catching Covid-19, remember that kids are still at very low risk of becoming seriously ill from the virus.

Bear in mind too that there are no signs of a spike in cases among pupils who have already gone back to school in countries such as Germany and Denmark — or that they are bringing home more infections.

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