From nail polish on your shirt to shaving foam on your mirror, savvy mother reveals the easy ways to clean your home

THERE'S nothing more satisfying than a sparkling clean home – but it can sometimes be difficult knowing how to clean every nook and cranny.

Thankfully one savvy mum has shared some of her easiest tips and tricks that ensure a spotless home every time.

Posting on her TikTok account, Australian influencer Mama Mila revealed how she ensures every spot in her house is as clean and functional as possible.

She has uploaded a variety of videos sharing these tips with her followers, and you will most likely have everything you need to follow along.

In one clip, Mama Mila shared easy home hacks that "you'll wish you tried earlier".


Her first recommendation? Lining tall surfaces, such as kitchen cupboards, with old newspaper to remove dust easier.

This trick is perfect for those who are short on time, as it means you can dust less often. Simply let the dirt and grime accumulate on the paper before removing and you will have a clean surface every time.

"Buff baby oil into a clean sink to repel and keep it shining," she next suggested.

"Buff shaving foam into your mirrors to keep them clean and fog-free for longer."

Mama Mila's tips don't end there, as she also shared how you can avoid having to iron your sheets.

All you have to do is lie your sheets on your bed and spray them with tap water before tucking them in.

The water will then soak into the creases, flattening them out and removing them completely.

She also recommended adding a drop of clear nail polish on the buttons of your shirt to help prevent them from falling off.

Mama Mila added: "Descale a kettle by boiling lemon water, wait 15 mins and empty."

Once you empty out the water you will be impressed by the sparkling kettle that is left behind.

This isn't the first time the clean queen has used citrus as part of a cleaning hack. She previously showed how the steam from heating up a bowl of water and lemon juice helps clean microwave grime.

Mama Mila previously used an orange to clean her sink, saying the "citric acid leaves it fresh and shiny".

People were impressed with the tips she shared and even went on to share some of their own and also praise her ideas.

"I use wax paper on pop. Some critters enjoy the soy ink in newspapers," one person said.

"Apple cider vinegar works also very well for the sink, especially toilets. But unfortunately it stinks," said another.

"Love the paper idea, thank you!" someone else wrote.

A fourth commenter added: "That button hack is the best idea ever!"

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