Elderly couple who aren’t able to clean their house anymore cry after kind-hearted woman transforms it for them for FREE

A CLEANING-obsessed woman has revealed the astonishing results after transforming an elderly couple's home who aren't able to clean it themselves.

Auri, who appears to be from Finland, left the couple in tears when they saw their new spotless home after years of neglect, which she offered to clean completely for free.

Due to their age, cleaning has become too much for the husband and wife duo and as a result, their kitchen in particular was in quite a state.

The fridge was full of out of date food and the normally white appliance had turned black with built-on dirt and grime.

The glass range hood above the cooker had turned yellow from layers upon layers of grease build up – and the entire work top was covered in mess.

Posting on TikTok, Auri explained: "These elderly people couldn't manage to take care of their house anymore.

"They were over 80 years old but didn't have anyone helping them out."

In the clip, Auri is seen tackling the humongous cleaning task armed with garbage bags and pink rubber gloves.

She admitted: "This was hands down the most gratifying cleaning days ever."

The heart-warming clip has garnered millions of likes and has been viewed a whopping 14.3 million times.

The kind-hearted cleaner said the elderly couple were overjoyed when they saw their new home, adding: "My heart melted when the lovely lady cried from happiness."

People who watched the clip were blown away by Auri's sweet gesture with many praising her for her efforts.

"How amazing. You just improved the quality of their life immensely," one person said.

"Thank god for amazing souls like you," praised another. "You are a beautiful person."

Dozens more mentioned their own grandparents agreeing that times get tough as you age – and highlighted the importance of looking out for them.

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