Agnès b. and Photographer Chad Moore Team Up on Special Project

ART TAKES TEN: The photographer Chad Moore has created a series of images for the designer known as agnès b.

The designer, whose given name is Agnes Troublé, has been an advocate of the arts through her ventures and through her stores since founding her brand in 1973. Before artist collaborations were omnipresent, the designer took the advice of Cuban artist Félix González-Torres in 1994 and created an artist’s T-shirt collection that has developed into a series.

Moore and the Paris-based designer have a personal history. The photographer dropped off a copy of his book “June” at the hotel where the Paris-based designer was staying several years ago. His impromptu style of spontaneously capturing friends and the people around him appealed to the designer.

Last month Moore swung by her downtown store to borrow a handful of items for an on-the-fly photo shoot with one of his friends. Using the Staten Island Ferry as a backdrop, the lensman has shot his friend taking in the summer air at dusk and in the evening.

Ten of Moore’s photographs will be on display in the designer’s Howard Street store starting Wednesday and running through Sept. 26. His friend “Athena” sports a T-shirt from the “Les Forevers” collection, an assortment of tried-and-true styles that are offered on a year-round basis.

He is known to have a stripped-down style of capturing friends and subjects as they are. His professional work includes imagery for Versace, Nike, Uniqlo, Adidas and Mango, among other fashion brands.

Raised in Tampa, Moore grew up riding BMX bikes and relocated to New York in 2008. There, he started shooting his friends on the Lower East Side. In 2013, Moore’s debut exhibition was held in Amsterdam and his first book “Thirteen,” which spotlighted unconstrained images, was released.

As Moore’s career progressed with exhibitions in Paris, Berlin and London, he showed some of his photos in the fashion designer’s Galerie Boutique in the 2017 exhibition “Whatever’s In Me Is Whatever’s In You.” That same year his work was part of her “Too Late, So Soon” show in Paris, as well as a show in Hong Kong and another in Tokyo in 2018 and 2019 respectively. More recently, Moore’s images were part of the group show “Cinéastes et photographes Américains Représentés par La Galerie du Jour” that was hosted by agnès b. and held in Paris last year.

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